Class Reps

Alumni Class Representatives maintain contact with their classmates to keep LCS alumni informed about school news and alumni events and to keep the school informed about the activities and life events of their classmates. They also represent their graduating class on the Alumni Council and in other decisions concerning alumni.

Class of '79 - Brad St. Mane
Class of '80 - Anna Lankton Kamrow
Class of '81 - Heather Heefner Dart, Juan St. Mane
Class of '83 and '84 - John Mullin, John Coskran 
Class of '85 - Maud Hixson 
Class of '86 - Mara Johnson 
Class of '87 - Lisa Hawkins Hengel 
Class of '89 - Erin Bix 
Class of '90 - Majka Burhardt, Bryan Smith 
Class of '91 - Whitfield Fowler 
Class of '93 - Emilia Mettenbrink 
Class of '94 - Ben Reeves
Class of '95 - Becky Jarvis 
Class of '96 - Lindsey Hamilton 
Class of '97 - Justin Talley, Lauren Jarvis 
Class of '98 - Megan Kurtz, Mark Olson 
Class of '99 - Grant Strother, Randi McClure 
Class of '00 - Geneva Hanvik, Conrad Nagel 
Class of '01 - Allie Jacobson 
Class of '02 - Allie Wilde 
Class of '03 - Carrie Feldman 
Class of '04 - Amelia Ahl, Kip Dooley 
Class of '05 - Laura Neal, Ben Olk
Class of '06 - Reeve Johnson, Kari Olk 
Class of '07 - Elena Miller, Caleb Sponheim 
Class of '08 - Singer Horse Capture, Sam Rosenstone 
Class of '09 - Katie Mullin, Charlie Haakenson 
Class of '10 - Charlotte Anderson, Andrew Vrabel Miles 
Class of '11 - Laci McBride, Aidan Sponheim 
Class of '12 - Ora Hammel, AJ Hoeft, Cailyn Coskran 
Class of '13 - Elsa Beise, Nat Shogren
Class of '14 - Julia Welch, Amal Flower Kay
Class of '15 - Hazel DeHarpporte, Booth McGowan
Class of '16 - Lilian Anderson, Noah Morris
Class of '17 - Billy Shogren, Sage Waymire-Rozman

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Mission Statement

Lake Country School is a Montessori learning environment that fosters independence, critical thinking, and creativity within each child. We are a community that promotes diversity and inclusion, as well as respect and responsibility to self, to others, and to the earth.

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