Welcome to the LCS resource page for reopening school for the 2020-2021 year. Below you will find all school information regarding communication from LCS, health and wellness protocols, scenario plans, and health and safety resources.  


COVID Program Coordinator at LCS

The Minnesota Department of Health and the governor recommended that each school have a COVID Program Coordinator to receive and manage communications related to exposure to (awaiting test results) and confirmed cases of COVID-19.  


It is for this reason that LCS has named Katie Haag as the COVID Program Coordinator.  Families and staff will use the email to alert LCS if they have been exposed to a person with a confirmed case, are awaiting testing results, or have a confirmed positive case of COVID-19.

Health and Wellness Protocols
The LCS Health and Wellness protocols are shared in this document:
Back-to-LCS Health and Wellness document
(Last updated 9/2/2020)

Daily Symptom Checklist
Click here for a daily symptom checklist to follow before coming into school. The pictured QR code connects to our Student Absence Form. 

Student Absence Form
LCS has a new way of reporting absences this year to help us keep track of absences. This year we will use a Google Form to report absences. It is a simple form that you will fill out any time your child or adolescent is absent from school. This is the link to the ​LCS Student Absence Form.

Absence Flowchart Please follow this Student Chart: Reporting Absences and COVID document for steps to take when your child is absent from school.

LCS Travel Guidance and Resources Click here for our updated LCS Travel Guidance and Resources information sheet about travel and returning to school. Please use this as a guide if making travel plans for your household. We appreciate everyone’s careful consideration to help keep our school community safe.

Communication from LCS

We will email general health information about students and staff, including high absence numbers or other reported illnesses if applicable, in our weekly Thursday Health Updates. We will also share the latest Hennepin County Case Rate per 10,000 people


Weekly Communications via Email

1) Tuesday Memo - Regular school-wide information, not specific to health and safety

2) Thursday Health & Safety Update - COVID-19 and other health-specific information


As Necessary Communications via Email, Phone, and/or Text

1) COVID-19 notices affecting or involving your child(ren)

2) Non-COVID-19 health notices for strep, flu, etc.


Sample of COVID Communication

If we have a confirmed case, families will be notified via emails, phone calls, and/or text notices sent to any pod or level directly affecting or involving their child(ren). These will be sent first. Then we will follow up with an email to the school community. Normally we don’t alert the whole school community when there is an illness on one level, but we want to be transparent. Click here for a sample of what our communication may look like. See the Back-to-LCS Health and Wellness document below for full details about safety and COVID communication.

Informed Consent Form
LCS has an informed consent form to confirm that families understand the basic information about COVID-19 and the protective measures LCS is taking to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus at school. If you are a family who is attending school onsite complete theInformed Consent Form linked here​. Please complete by the first day your child/adolescent is onsite for school and no later than September 14, 2020. Click here for a PDF copy of the consent form for your records. 

LakeCountry HybridGraphic v3 copy 2

Scenario Plans

LCS will begin the 2020-2021 School year in Scenario 2: Hybrid Learning. If a change in scenarios is considered due to reduced cases in Hennepin County, or is required by the State of Minnesota, City of Minneapolis, or Minnesota Department of Health due to increased case numbers, families will be notified by LCS. 


Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 4.51.23 PM

*Information about schedules, pod assignments, and learning from home were sent via email before the start of the year. Please email or your child’s classroom teacher if you have questions about your child’s school schedule. 

Due to MPS’s decision to start the year in distance learning, we will not be able to offer afternoon buses as we have contracted with them in previous years. If this changes mid-year, we will notify families. 

After School Activities
There will be no in-person extracurricular or intramural after school activities until further notice. 

Children's House Extended Day
Children’s House Extended Day is available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. There is no CH Extended Day on Wednesdays. CH Extended Day is drop-in and families will be billed monthly by attendance. Families do NOT need to sign up ahead of time. For the extended time, children will simply enter their classroom and begin their morning. The classroom guide and assistant will welcome them in and help them begin their day. The additional charge for the extended time is $6 per day. 

  • CHED Morning Pod: 7:45-8:30 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
  • CHED Afternoon Pod: 4:00-4:45 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
  • All Day Pod: There is no extended time offered for the full day Children's House classroom.

Elementary Extended Day
The elementary extended day will be offered from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm daily. There will be crossover from the different pods and for that reason extended day will be outside only. The only time it will be inside will be if the weather is severe. The additional charge for the extended day is $8 per day. 

COVID Testing Resources 
The testing sites below have been used by some LCS parents when their healthcare provider is unwilling or unable to test a possible case. We acknowledge that the testing situation is ever changing and some of these may be inaccurate. If you have any other knowledge or experience with a testing site not on this list please share that information with us.

Hennepin Healthcare Testing:
Valley Medical and Wellness:
State of MN Testing Resource Page:
City of Minneapolis Free COVID-19 tests and flu shots The City of Minneapolis is offering free COVID-19 tests and flu shots. All are welcome. You do not need insurance for the test. (Check back for updated testing dates)
Saliva Tests Stay Safe MN offering at-home COVID-19 testing for any person who wants to be tested, with or without symptoms, at no cost.
Drive Through Testing Valley Medical and Wellness
At Home Tests LX Medical- They come to your home and it is reported they have quick results Stay Safe MN is offering at-home COVID-19 testing for any person who wants to be tested, with or without symptoms, at no cost.

Through all of our planning, we continue to use reliable scientific sources to guide our decisions and keep current on the most up-to-date information. Our main sources of scientific and child/adolescent development information related to COVID-19 come from:

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