• 9/24: Wisdom Day
    10/1: Photo Day (F, G, H, JH, & D)
    10/3: Photo Day (CH1, CH2, CH3, C, & E)
    10/5: Harvest Festival at the Land School
    View the full calendar here

  • We host school visits for parents (without their children) on Tuesday mornings. All levels of the school are observed followed by a Q&A session with staff. Click here to request an observation. 

  • On October 10th, Lake Country School will host a screening of Inside Montessori, a documentary about Montessori education that features our Junior High program. Learn more and RSVP here

  • Lake Country School is accepting applications for Elementary 1 students (Grades 1-3) for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.

    Click HERE to apply now!


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Mission Statement

Lake Country School is a Montessori learning environment that fosters independence, critical thinking, and creativity within each child. We are a community that promotes diversity and inclusion, as well as respect and responsibility to self, to others, and to the earth.

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