Doug Alecci   Outdoor Learning Environment
 Jamie Alfaro-Glover   Midday/Extended Day Coordinator, CH Garden & Gym Assistant
 Lucinda Anderson   Admissions Director
 Elizabeth Barnard   JH Woodworking Specialist
 Amy Berray   Children's House Assistant
 Katie Bovee   Land School Environmental Educator
 Jen Bush   Land School Teacher/Program Assistant
 Ilana Callender   CH/E1 Learning Specialist 
 Digna Canchola   Custodian
 Dana Caron   Children's House Guide
 Brooks Cavin   Assistant Principal
 Jared Emmes   Extended Day Staff, Facilities Support
 Jenny Emmes   Receptionist & Health Liaison
 Airreal Felder   Elementary 2 Support, Extended Day Staff
 Jay Fenner   Elementary 1 Support
 Sharon Ferraro   Development Director
 Carolyn Fisk   E2/JH French Specialist, HS Counselor
 Bonnie Furlich   Wellness Coordinator
 Andy Gaertner   Land School Farm Manager/Teacher
 Katie Haag   Development Associate, COVID Program Coordinator
 John Hall   Facilities Manager, Maintenance
 Russ Heitman   Junior High Field Studies Guide
 Malinda Holte   Elementary 2 Guide
 Mairead Howley   Elementary 1 Support
 Candy Husemoller   E2/JH Learning Specialist
 Victoria Joanem   Receptionist
 Vonny Kleinman   Lunch, Certified Food Manager, Extended Day Staff Coordinator
 Christine Konar-Steenberg    Children's House Guide
 Callie Laz Davis   Land School Kitchen Manager/Teacher
 Aida Lewis   CH/E1 French Specialist
 Aaron Lockridge   Children's House Guide
 Lacinea McBride   Junior High Support
 Juliann McDermott   Elementary 2 Guide
 Peggy McKenna   Children's House Guide
 Harrison McLean   Elementary 1 Support, Physical Education Assistant
 Rachel Morris   Children's House Guide
 Ben Moudry   Head of School
 John Mullin   Elementary 1 Guide
 Angela Mullin   Office Administrator
 Sara Nelson   Junior High Humanities Guide
 Dewita Nuryana   Extended Day Staff, Children's House Assistant
 Andrea Paulet   Communications Coordinator
 Angie Perlinger   Children's House Garden/Gym & Midday Guide
 Paul Petroski   Business Manager
 Ciera Quarterman   Children's House Assistant, Extended Day Staff
 Elisabeth Raasch   Children's House Guide, Level Coordinator
 Nadiya Rapp   Elementary 2 Guide, Level Coordinator
 Lizzy Reeves   Children's House Guide
 Sarah Richardson   E1/E2/Junior High Music & Drama Specialist
 Ivonne Rodriguez   Children's House Assistant, Physical Education Support
 Kris Schaefer   Junior High Humanities Guide, Level Coordinator
 Terri Schmidt   Elementary 1 Guide, Level Coordinator
 Courtney Semke   Elementary 1 Support, CH Music
 Kirstin Seterdahl   E2/JH Art Specialist
 Dana Sexton   E1 Art Specialist
 Zoe St. Mane   Elementary 2 Support
 Geovanni Stavrou   Physical Education Specialist
 Joe Thompson   Technology Coordinator
 Svetlana Zablotskaya   Elementary 2 Support
 Dave Zdenek   Junior High Field Studies Guide
 April Zoll Close   Elementary 1 Guide

Mission Statement

Lake Country School is a Montessori learning environment that fosters independence, critical thinking, and creativity within each child. We are a community that promotes diversity and inclusion, as well as respect and responsibility to self, to others, and to the earth.

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