Tuition & Fees

Application Fee: $75

A $75 fee is due upon initial enrollment application to Lake Country School along with the completed Application for Admission. This one-time non-refundable fee is for new applicants only and covers the cost of the application process. Tuition assistance applicants are not required to pay the enrollment application fee. 

Tuition Deposit: $500

A $500 registration deposit is due along with the Continuous Enrollment Contract for new students two weeks after receiving an offer of admission. For returning students, the $500 registration deposit will be billed in March. Deposits are applied to tuition at the time of enrollment and is non-refundable should the enrollment be withdrawn. Families that have applied for tuition assistance are invoiced the $500 deposit upon acceptance of their tuition assistance award.  

2020-2021 Tuition

   Tuition  Deposit   (2 Installments)   (10 Installments) 
       Due 8/1/20   Due 1/1/21    Due 8/1/20 thru 5/1/21 
 Children's House Half Day    $10,330    $500      $4,915     $4,915      $993
 Children's House Kindergarten    $15,210   $500      $7,355     $7,355      $1,486
 Elementary    $15,210    $500       $7,355     $7,355      $1,486
  Junior High   $19,200   $500      $9,350     $9,350      $1,889


Annual Giving
Tuition covers approximately 90% of the cost of educating each LCS Student. Annual Giving, along with all other LCS fundraising efforts, help to balance the operating budget that funds the school's mission. Annual Giving is essential to maintaining the exceptional educational quality and environments that students experience daily. Every LCS family is expected to participate in Annual Giving according to their means.

Community Fee: $175/yearly
A $175 community fee is billed annually to each family. This fee supports the cost of community and parent related activities, communications, and events. 

Extended Day & CH Midday
All students not involved in extracurricular activities who arrive prior to and/or stay beyond regular school hours must attend an extended day program. Children’s House Extended Day (CHED) and/or CH Midday enrollment are by separate contract. The fee for CHED is $8.00/morning and $10.00/afternoon per student based on attendance indicated in the contract. Enrollment in the CH Midday program is 5-days per week and billed at a fixed rated of $30.00 per day after the month of use. Students enrolled in CHED and/or CH Midday may, with advance notice, opt out of their enrollment on a monthly basis. Elementary/Junior High Extended Day (EJED) is a drop-in program and is billed monthly based on attendance at a fixed-rated of $8.00/morning and $10.00/afternoon per student. 

Tuition Assistance
Tuition Assistance is offered to all eligible families to the extent that funds are available. Tuition assistance is only applicable to tuition fees. Eligibility is determined in part by application through School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS), which must be submitted to them by March 1st, along with a $51 per-family application fee. There are no fee waivers available for this application. SSS forms can be accessed at for online filing. Award notifications will be made by May 1st, with priority given to applications from returning families. Families must apply each year to receive consideration. For more information regarding Tuition Assistance, please click here.

Dates and fees are subject to change.

Mission Statement

Lake Country School is a Montessori learning environment that fosters independence, critical thinking, and creativity within each child. We are a community that promotes diversity and inclusion, as well as respect and responsibility to self, to others, and to the earth.

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