We at Lake Country School are heartbroken and furious about the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police officers sworn to protect and serve all people. We are deeply sorry and extend our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of George Floyd. 




Our hearts also go out to the people, including the many staff members and families of Lake Country School, who live in the area and have been directly affected by the events of last week.  We see you, hear you, and stand with you as we stand with the Black community and with all people of the global majority in this time of pain and anger. We are a community that encourages peace, but can understand the deeply felt rage that comes from not having a voice and the desire to be heard through action.




We acknowledge that we have not done enough internally and externally to combat the systemic, institutional, and historic racism that exists. We have not taken overt action nor provided clear communication to act against racism and truly promote peace.


As a community, Lake Country School is committed the following actions

--to be an anti-racist/anti-bias community 
-to implement a comprehensive anti-racist/anti-bias education at all levels
-to actively recruit staff and families of the global majority
-to remove barriers through financial support for Montessori training for people of the global majority  
-to listen, support, and work in partnership with organizations in our community and nationally that support equity and justice for people of the global majority



Our mission and values of respect, responsibility, diversity, inclusion, Montessori education, love of work, peaceful community, and stewardship demand us to follow through with these commitments - if we do not, then we can no longer exist.

Ben Moudry

Head of School 



Equity & Justice at LCS: September 1, 2020 Update

The Staff and Board Equity and Justice Committees and the administration at Lake Country School, as well as individual staff members, have been working on important issues in the past few months. As you know, in the spring, following Derek Chauvin's murder of George Floyd, members of both the staff and board E&J Committees met with Ben Moudry and Robyn Bruggemann, Chair of the Board (at the time), to craft a public statement in response to this tragedy. In that public statement, we made commitments. Here is an update on our work over the summer.

  • Members of the staff E&J Committee have been compiling a list of resources dealing with anti-racist work.
  • Members of the staff E&J Committee have been working on creating flashcards -- cards with a picture and some facts -- that will help teachers and students celebrate the various Heritage Months.
  • 13 staff and board members attended a two day webinar on Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Schools and continued to meet to discuss and plan every two weeks or so throughout the summer
  • 9 staff joined Minnesota Montessorians For Equity and participated in monthly meetings to talk about resources and accountability as well as to attend webinars with other Montessorians across the state.
  • A number of staff and board members took advantage of opportunities for a variety of individual webinars and videos.
  • A number of staff and board members read books to help us learn: Paulo Freire's The Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Robin DiAngelo's White Fragility, Bettina Love's We Want to do More Than Survive, Ibram X Kendi's Stamped from the Beginning and How to Be Antiracist
  • 9 staff worked through The Food Solutions Network's 21 Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge and participated in periodic discussions
  • Ben and members of the staff and Board E&J Committees drafted a job description for two Equity and Justice Coordinators (Part Time 0.15 to 0.2 FTE), which will be posted internally
  • Staff are planning to do a review of books in the RC, with the goal of identifying books that will help us in our goals of being anti-racist as well as including talking points for books that include biased content, in order to aid staff and students in these discussions.
  • At least 3 staff/parent community members participated in Embracing Equity's virtual conference on "Building Stamina" for the work of dismantling white supremacy culture in schools, and bringing healing.

Links to Educational Resources:

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Teaching about race, racism and police violence:

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Anti-racism resources for white people:

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Raising Antiracist Kids: Ibram X. Kendi with Derecka Purnell (Online Event Opportunity):


Mission Statement

Lake Country School is a Montessori learning environment that fosters independence, critical thinking, and creativity within each child. We are a community that promotes diversity and inclusion, as well as respect and responsibility to self, to others, and to the earth.

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